An ode to love that’ll never be

An ode to love that’ll never be

.                                                         Separation. Estrangement. Chasms.
Lucky, they coasme after a union.

Oblivion. Limbo. Obscurity.
Once, they once held motion and remembrance.

Chastity. Continence. Rectitude.
How they hem a promise of promise?

What words for: a love that’ll never be.

Eternity of lingering desires?
Absoulute-ness of despondency?
Countless twiddling nights?
Perfection of fissures in a dolorous heart?

Then why are springs more cherished then summers?
Twilights more loved than nights?
They come and go.
Don’t stay.
Don’t wait.
Dont’t quench the soul.
Immortal, is the thirst for their hold.
Like the love that’ll never be.
Is the love un-quenched forever to be.


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