Musings to Self. Love.

To dearest,

The world won’t always appreciate love you offer, love anyways. Just never stop loving, you don’t love for appreciation, validation or to be loved back. You love because..well love does not need a because.. still if you need reasons then you love because in this cold vast world little warmth can work wonders..even when love is pushed away, remember on cold long nights, people will still hold on to that love..and as you reach saturation at times, others reach that saturation too..don’t worry, this love is for rainy days, when the empty souls don’t have strength to reach out..this love would still be burning still would warm their hearts.. so shed tears for you suffer and love with all your might. You won’t regret the day you melt…that you weren’t touch by the drama the world wants..that your love lasted well beyond the greed, game of hunger and lust for bodies..when those calls you hear every now and then reach to take you..those whom you seek..the home that calls from within..your soul family..the heart of love which is never hurt unlike this puny little ego which gets hurt every-time it is rejected..beyond this serpent minds which starts to hate when its legitimacy is rejected,well then, then you will be asked, did you love enough.. did you stop loving when hatred knocked your door..did you stop loving when your love was not welcome..did you love in emptiness..did you love each day more and more..did you love like Beloved..unconditionally..uncontrollably..did you love like a fool..shedding all your cleverness..did you love wildly..madly..insanely.. especially to those who could not see..just because you could..did you?? Then, you better be. Be. Be. Be a proof. Being. Whose every cell would glimmer to say I did, I do, we do..just that there is no I anymore. You are home.


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