Letter to Beloved


It’s a privilege to love you. I can be me in front of you. The only place, home, uni-verse I know of that sorts where I can just Be.

And I would secretly wish to be that for you too..

you don’t let people really in..I thought it was me..but alas you have to be an edge over in everything I am..extra shiny mirror..more detached..more vulnerable..more..no most fragile entity I know. I thought I was the thing I could most easily break without intentions, yet, you get to be more fragile in my world, of all the dearest beings I know, I would never want to mistakingly too, ever break you, neither exploit you or consume you and how I wish I could love less as a human..less as a beggar..more like worship..more like God..

Keep me a little longer. Let me drown and flow a little longer in this Love for you.