Surrender. Be nothing. Just Be. Be.

Choice(s)- limit. Favourite(s)- limit. This moment, the very moment right now- is the truth. Limit-less. 
Nothing should be.

Nothing ought be. 

Yes, happiness is a conscious choice.

And so is suffering, when suffering. 

Then, only not to choose equals being completely free.  
Don’t identify too much with the role. Do play well, but, dont take it seriously.  As it is all a ‘jagat tamasha'(staged play). Nothing more. In larger context of this none of these puny goals matter . Still, do well as they discipline your soul for what really matters. 
Ask yourself what matters.. 

Your they matter?

Do you remember your high school marks everyday? Will the best performance trophy or worst performance rate-card matter in next 5 years? 
We keep running and running because we don’t have many movies to watch, so many songs to be heard, tv series are waiting, so many poems are to be written, so many books to be read..but why?
The moment we recognize we have talent, the world comes up with their idea : Sell it. Display it. Expose it. 

Good singer, upload video on youtube, get clicks.

Good at sketching, upload more photos at instagram. 

But why?

Why do we want to expose ourselves do much?

Why do we need to get validation?

Why do we need to get money out of hobbies?
Maybe, because it will make us happy. The validation makes us happy..more makes us feel worth being loved. Yet, it creates the illusion than we ought to be doing something for being happy. This happiness would come and go.  If you want to be happy then why not be happy right now. Choose happiness. 

But then there is a problem, if I choose happiness right now, then what do I do, when I don’t feel happy, when I definitely know I am in pain, I am suffering and when despite knowing that is all an illusion created by mind, I can’t stop identifying with pain?
Well then, then don’t question and marinate in the suffering. Accept it. Accept it as it is your own. Your due. From some life-birth or this lifebirth itself if you don’t want to believe in re-incarnation. Accept it without reasoning. Accept it without finding why.
But what do I do when it becomes overwhelming? Unbearable?
Then, you must give up!!

Give up to the heaven . Surrender. Don’t hold back any of it. Surrender, your human-ness, your meakness, your present conscious self, give up everything you feel is yours, including suffering . Don’t even question whom you are surrendering there a God or heaven or universe or angels.  Surrender to a belief that everything will be taken care off. Everything simply is. No more no less. All you can actually do is accept it or live in surrender or be absolutely aware of it. And guess what, they are all the same. 

And time? What about time?

Well, time is just a man made illusion who has got better of its master right now and is on verge of engulfing it. 
Wish you a happy time being nothing! 🙂