Urge to unburden: Both pleasant and un-pleasant

The urge to unburden, unlearn, de-condition, de-programme is as natural as breathing to a human. What makes it more intense is the current consciousness of a person. A sensitive heart, an aware soul, a creative mind, an empathetic being, these are varieties of same shade of a people whose intensely try to ‘let go’ of the conditioning aka burden which may be societal, mental, psychological or even physical. It is usually exponentially high in comparison to those who are asleep. Asleep in the sense, who can gorge down popcorns, buy brands every weekend, watch a movie or two and spend (un-)quality time on social media and be happy with life irrespective of how monotonous/unchallenging/inefficient it becomes. 

The desire to unburden is inherent. The desire to unburden was in Budha who was too full being a prince. The desire to unburden is in every artist who unburdens his/her soul in his/her next creation..next book, song, that literary best-selling. 

The desire to unburden is even more inherent in case of pleasant experiences but only for those who can smell the stale. The stale success story, the stale successful relationship losing chemistry, the stale medals and even stale money. 

Heart and mind demands new. New demands space where the new might fit in. Space comes from un-burdening, un-learning, de-tours 🙂

And hence the pleasure, in fact, unceasing pleasure, of the roads less taken, the long lost worlds where nobody knows your name. You can be anybody or everybody to anybody or nobody. The achievement of being a nobody, no burden, being nothing, just space for things to exist as they are. No likes no dis-likes. The perfect un-burdening is being nobody, un-opiniated, acceptance of is. Beingness. Is-ness. Aren’t we all striving for that. Some know it. Some like you have started questioning it 😉